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WinASO Registry Optimizer  v5.7.0  -  Sep 22, 2020
             New Feature - newly add free tools such as Auto Shutdown, Performance Monitor. Registry Cleaner and
                                       System Optimizer functions are improved as well.
      PC running more and more slowly ?
      Frustrated by unknown PC errors all the time ?
      Annoyed often by blue screens, system crashes or freezes ?
      Getting “ActiveX” or “Unable to load .dll” errors from time to time ?
      Suffering from the system memory strike ?

Your Windows registry keeps growing every second when you use your computer! It continuously records all the information and changes of software, hardware and system settings. Over time, your registry will be accumulated with a large number of obsolete, redundant and invalid entries and registry holes, which seriously affect your PC performance.

But editing and cleaning registry items is not only a time-consuming job, but a highly risky one. Improperly modifying registry items may affect your system running or even cause severe system damages.

Download our professional WinASO Registry Optimizer to clean your Registry now!
      Advanced scanning algorithm that scans your entire registry in seconds
      Professional error fix function that automatically removes all your registry problems
      7+ built-in optimization tools such as System Optimizer, Privacy Cleaner, IE Manager, etc.
      100% safe. Strictly screens out the system-sensitive keys.
      Extremely simple to use. Even a computer novice knows how to use it right away.
With a fast and advanced registry scan algorithm, WinASO Registry Optimizer scans the entire registry within a few seconds.
WinASO Registry Optimizer will clean and fix most registry errors including:
Invalid User software settings Invalid class keys
Invalid system software settings Invalid fonts
Invalid browser helper objects Invalid start-up programs
Invalid custom control settings ActiveX errors
Errors in uninstall sections Obsolete history lists
Shared DLL errors Invalid file paths
Sound and AppEvents errors Invalid file extensions
Startup popup window Invalid software locations
Invalid System settings Windows services error
Invalid help and resources Invalid virtual devices
Empty registry keys Invalid device drivers
With the built-in System Optimizer, WinASO Registry Optimizer allows you to optimize your system settings, and as a result, boosts your system speed and improves system performance.
WinASO Registry Optimizer provides a smart Privacy Cleaner to help you find and clean your history records generated by Windows, IE, Firefox, Office, Flash player, media players and other applications.
WinASO Registry Optimizer can identify and remove the redundant shortcuts that point to non-existent or invalid files with its Short-cut Cleaner.
WinASO Registry Optimizer has a built-in “Registry Defrag” function that defragments your registry to acquire linear registry structure, reduce application respond time and registry access time.
WinASO Registry Optimizer provides an advanced IE manager to help you repair your IE problems.
WinASO Registry Optimizer includes a Start-up Manager that allows you to easily inspect, delete or temporarily disable the start-up programs.
WinASO Registry Optimizer can safely remove the unwanted applications installed on your computer with its Uninstall Manager.
New! WinASO Registry Optimizer now added a brand-new feature - the powerful Data Recovery function to help you get back deleted or formatted files.
WinASO Registry Optimizer presents a number of useful system tools for your convenience to help you better manage your computer, such as Disk Cleanup, Disk Defragmenter, DirectX Diagnostic Tool, Registry Editor, etc.
UI is use friendly and very easy to use.
WinASO Disk Cleaner Version 3.1.0
WinASO Disk Cleaner will find and delete junk files and clear up some space on your hard drive, freeing up valuable space and streamlining your system.
WinASO EasyTweak Version 3.4.0
WinASO EasyTweak is a powerful system optimization tool, featuring the maximum convenience, reliability and security. By revising Windows hidden settings, it optimizes system, speeds up network connection and enhances privacy protection.
WinASO Regdefrag Version 2.9.0
WinASO Regdefrag performs physical defragmentation of the Windows registry file. After defragmentation your registry will acquire linear structure which will reduce application response time and registry access time.

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