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5 reasons why your computer is slow

5 reasons why your computer is slow
Many computer users are wondering the same question: "why is my computer getting slower and slower?" The truth is it depends most on you, the user. The better you keep your computer maintained, the faster your PC could be.
What should be maintained and how? Let us proceed to find out the 5 ultimate reasons that slow down your computer and the respective solutions.

1. Clustered registry

Your Windows registry keeps growing while you use your computer. It continuously records all the information and changes of software, hardware and system settings. Over time, your registry will be accumulated with a large number of obsolete, redundant and invalid entries and registry holes, which can seriously affect your PC performance.
To clean and optimize your registry, you can download WinASO Registry Optimizer and simply run the "Registry cleaner" and "Registry defrag".
It's quite simple using "Registry Cleaner" function in WinASO Registry Optimizer. After starting the program, click on "Click Here to Scan Registry" and the program will automatically scan for all the invalid and obsolete registry items. When the scan is completed, you can choose the ones to repair or just click "Repair" to clean them all.


Registry Defrag can optimize your registry by removing the registry holes and rebuilding the registry structure. WinASO Registry Optimizer has included Registry Defrag to help you achieve registry optimization. It offers two defragmentation methods, quick defragmentation and full defragmentation. If you haven't optimized your registry for a long time or you frequently install/uninstall programs on your computer, we recommend you choose Full defragmentation.

No.2 Junk files and disk fragments

Every day your Windows will create a large number of temporary files and junk files, and leave them behind on your computer. Over time these files take up more and more of your disk space and slow down your PC.
WinASO Disk Cleaner can help you clean your junks and free up disk space.

Besides removing the junk files, your file system needs to be optimized as well. Windows system offers free disk defragmenter to defragment your files, but many users never noticed it before. WinASO Registry Optimizer has listed together all the free but useful Windows system tools for you to apply them easily.

No. 3 Too many startup programs

If your computer starts up at a turtle speed, it's time for you to decrease the number of your startups. Many programs now will by default add itself to system startups upon installation, but some users never take a notice. WinASO Registry Optimizer provides a Startup Manager for you to easily manage all your startups.

No.4 Fancy Desktop wallpapers and other unnecessary extras

The extras would include personalized icons and animated cursors. While it might be really tempting to change your entire Windows desktop to look exactly like a jungle on screen, stop yourself from this thought. They might look nice on your desktop, but they could be the very reason why your computer is getting slower. So, try to keep things simple on the desktop. Skip all those fancy cursors.

No.5 Viruses and Spyware

When you surf on the web, the website you visited may drop some spyware on your computer while you have no idea at all. The spyware can be running automatically at the backend of your computer, spying on your web surfing patters. Viruses can not only slow down your computer, but even crash your entire system. Therefore, the best solution is to get an anti-virus and anti-spyware to have your computer protected all the time.

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