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How to fix runtime errors?

Runtime errors are probably the most frequent errors we may encounter in Windows operating system. Many users are frustrated by the errors as they don?ˇĄt know what they are and why they happen to their computer. Now you no longer have to worry. Let me tell you some simple techniques to remove your runtime errors.

1. End all running programs one by one to check whether there are conflicts between certain programs.

Most of the time runtime errors are caused by conflicts between two programs. Stopping the running programs one by one can immediately solve the problem if it is caused by conflicts.

2. Upgrade the affected programs or download patches from the software's homepage.

If the method above can not solve the problem, you can visit the developers?website to see whether all updates and patches have been applied on the affected program.

3. Completely uninstall and reinstall the affected program

Your existing copy of the program may have been corrupted. You can uninstall it completely first and download the latest version from the software's official website to reinstall it on your computer.

4. Remove add-on or plug-ins associated with the affected program

Runtime errors can also be caused by add-ons, plug-ins or some extra software associated with the program that is creating the error. You can remove the add-ons or plug-ins one by one to see which one produce the problem.

5. Use anti-viruses to eliminate any virus that may generate the error

Viruses can trigger the runtime error as well. If you have an anti-virus running on your computer, please make sure the latest update patch has been installed and the virus definition is up to date. If your computer is not yet protected by an anti-virus, then get one now!

6. Ask help from the support of the related programs and your computer hardware manufacturer

If you've tried all the methods above while the error still exists, you may consider the possibility of a hardware/memory issue. You can contact the developer of the affected program first for solutions. If in vain, we recommend you ask help from your computer/motherboard manufacturer.

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