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WinASO Disk Cleaner

“Really Good!”

“Been using it for weeks and now I can't go without it! It's user friendly and doesn't give you any trouble at all.”

By lawyerlaven on November 15, 2005


“Highly recommended”

“i used WinASO registry optimizer and this is another great program from them. cleans thoroughly, effectively and most importantly SAFELY. Cons: wish it was integrated with WinASO registry optimizer, but not a flaw at all.”


By oxo_sg on Jul 25, 2005


“It worked”

“This really helped clean up my comp and helped make it run smoother and more quickly.”


By cm2725 on August 25, 2007


“It’s fabulous”

“Pros: it's easy to install and won't take long for working. Size is not big, simple and clear and you can be sure that it won't delete any of the system main files- as soon as you keep the setting as Default.”


By Angel Xu on February 5, 2007


“Having purchased WinASO Registry Optimizer this program compliments it! Pros: 1.)Wide range of delete options with a very important default option that can be enabled and saved anytime, so great for both novices and experienced users. 2.) After a scan the option to decide if you want to delete all or some entries. 3.) Price - excellent for what it does! 4.) I am truly very impressed with WinASO products. I wonder if the ASO stands for A=Awesome, S=Superb, O=Outstanding... If not it should do!!!”


By zoril on July 1, 2005



“Does what it's supposed to do with no problems to date, and together with ASO Reg. Optimizer it does seem to make my computer more crisp.”


By shinedog on October 24, 2005


“No problem.”

“I love this program, I had no problem installing this.”

By jijim on November 2, 2005


“Easy to use”

“Good product. It will be better if have more function.”

By davidhao on November 1, 2005


“Winaso products rock”

“awesome……cleaned 400 mbs worth of stuff”

By bigdaddy123 on June 28, 2005


“Helped a lot”

“I bought the WINASO Registry Optimizer, and I am happy with it. But to tell the truth, this diskcleaner(Trial) seem help much better then the regcleaner. The Diskcleaner seriously sped up my Computer. (Windows XP) So, I rate this STAR and 2 Thumbs Up!!!! Good Work!”

By DownloaDude on May 19, 2005


“The Best Out There”

“Very effective cleaner with lots of file masks to choose from. Need to be a little careful when choosing which file mask(s) you want tho. Other than that, it's all good.”

By anoymous user on November 18, 2004


“Helped me out!”

“I am so happy with this program. Although the free version is extremely limited, it did exactly what I needed it to do. I have a very small HD, 16GB, which I normally only use about 4 GB of. I recently noticed that "my computer" said I was using over 11GB of it. Windows and Norton's cleanup and defrag did nothing to free up whatever was wasting my space. Editing my registry manually and deleting anything I knew I didn't need still didn't help much. One scan of the FREE version brought me back down BELOW where I actually wanted to be. Down to under 3GB. Whatever was wasting all that space is now gone! Give it a try!”

By anonymous user on July 1, 2004



“very professional user interface, try it.”

By anonymous user on April 1, 2004

WinASO Registry Optimizer     |     WinASO Disk Cleaner     |     WinASO EasyTweak
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