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WinASO EasyTweak

“Useful tool”

“This is a very practicable tool, which provides a variety of simple but helpful functions. With it, the computer operation can be simplified to be friendlier. For instance, the search engine defaulted by IE considerably improves system operability. Further, the networking speed can be improved through correction adjustment of the networking performance.”

By SSsnowman on May 8, 2006


“I am absolutely amazed!”

“I downloaded this software, scanned my computer, deleted problems, rebooted, and I am in complete awe as to how much faster my PC is after cleaning out all that useless *****. I think this is a wonderful product and I would highly recommend it. Thank you!”


By J.N.H. Brown on March 3, 2008


“Price is very reasonable”

“Price is very reasonable and it does everything it is advertised to do.”


By William.Davis on January 22, 2008


“Good tool”

“Good tool to optimize systems, to maintain and improve networks and to personalize settings.”


By Harry lang on January 13, 2008


“Pretty good product”

“Works great! This program has a lot of features that can help keep my computer running smoothly. Everything on my pc started working perfectly only after I used this software. It's safe!”


By betty2Y on April 14, 2006


“Recommend it”

“I use this soft for several month, I think it's safe and easy to operation. Fantastic tool to tweak Windows OS.”


By ropost2ksmith on April 13, 2006


“Trust it”

“It's a wonderful system optimization tool, including many useful functions. It really optimizes my system, and speeds up network connection. I trust it!”

By cashhregister on April 14, 2006


“Fantastic Tool”

“Excellent program for tweaking windows OS. It provides an excellent set of utilities that can be used to manage your computer with ease. It's safe and effective.”

By rose710327 on April 6, 2006


“Very nice product”

“Very feature-rich, including auto-shutdown, restore Windows default setting . Also has nice interface, and easy to use. It can help me fix all those annoying things about windows.”

By free512rhyme on April 11, 2006


“5 stars for me to this product is not enough.”

“I will give this product more than 5 stars. Man, u gotta try it out this real cool stuff, it has many setting and functions. The system analyze and maintain allowed u to control startup manager, configuration files, and u may control the task manager whether to able it or disable it. The system information cool enough it shows everything(system)'s details hardware/software etc. The Customize Computer allowed u to control the control panel setting, system setting and desktop setting. The next would be cool for someone who likes to set the setting inside their IE browser, it allowed u to disable some button(users wouldn't be able to press it) inside IE in order to prevent someone who change the setting of IE browser. This product it's cool security it allowed u to control everything inside the computer, you can set the setting as if u don’t like people to use it easily. Password protected available.”

By Anonymous220 on February 16, 2006


“It’s a great tool for my Windows XP. The result is wonderful for my XP system. I can use it to restore Windows Default setting, my XP system mistakes were repaired. It has lot of utilities. System tweaking, Internet Explorer tweaking, system optimizer, connection optimizer, and program restrictor etc, etc.”

By spikeanne on December 16, 2005


“Good! Update so quickly”

“A good tool. Easy to use. Recommend to try”

By michiael on February 15, 2006


“Not bad!”

“I think it is good. You can try it!”

By ssssloren on January 10, 2006


“Good Friend for user.”

“A easy use tool. Worth to try! Highly recommend!”

By fatfeed on February 5, 2006


“Easy to use and very effective”

“I can’t fault this product and their customer support is very good. I wouldn’t bother even trying anything else”

By Stanleygole on January 16, 2006


“Userful tool”

“It has many useful functions and the operation is so easy, just like its name.”

By Chris Zhang on December 20, 2005

WinASO Registry Optimizer     |     WinASO Disk Cleaner     |     WinASO EasyTweak
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